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Five ways you can help a friend

Say something With something as shocking and momentous as a child cancer diagnosis, friends often simply do not know what to say. They may be frightened of saying the wrong thing and causing more upset or they may find the whole situation just too upsetting. However, to say nothing at all will only make things worse […]

Questions to ask after cancer diagnosis

I have shared with you Ryan’s lymphoma journey we talked about the ups, the downs, the protocols for drugs, the side effects, but I realised recently I’ve never shared the questions. This post is all about what to ask when you receive a diagnosis of cancer. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never ever going to be seen […]

Childhood leukaemia – Guilt

Was it my fault? Why him and not me? Why didn’t I know? How long had he been sick for? I had been telling people how lazy Andrew was because he often refused to walk. I had been hard on him telling him he couldn’t have a piece of cake in the café unless he […]

Essential Oils for Summer

Good morning, Good Night & All Points in Between, Sweet, sweet summer – how we have missed you! But whoever referred to “the lazy days of summer” must not have faced acres of unruly plants, juggled playdates amidst summer camps, or cleaned muddy pawprint after muddy pawprint from the kitchen floor after multiple visits to […]

Aaron’s Story

My son’s name is Aaron and he was a gift from God in that he came to us through adoption. He’s the sweetest little boy and from the moment I held him, just seconds old, he has been the center of my world. Due to divorce, we are now a family of three – myself, my mom and Aaron. My son was […]

Story Wish

Does your child love books and are bursting with creativity? Look no further than signing up for the StoryWish Summer Stories for Life program! This summer, we will be hosting an event where chronically ill children aged 8-13 can write their very own storybook with the guidance of a high school or college student volunteer. […]